Rear Clinch From A Guillotine Attempt!

They punched at us, we clinched them. They're flailing around desperately trying to get out. At this point, we know if:

-they stop moving, we do the Leg Hook Take Down.
-they try to push off of us and break our grip by scooting back, we Pull Guard.
-they try to punch us, we do the Body Fold Take Down.

In this case, they desperately try to wrap our neck with some sort of Guillotine attempt. Or just even to get their arm up and around our head. 


We just pop our heads up against their arm, turn the corner, and get tot their back for a Rear Clinch!

The key thing is to bring your head up, like a turtle popping its head out of its shell, and keep your head close, as you turn the corner for the Rear Clinch. 

Remember, in the Rear Clinch, we hold the S-Grip. Also remember to keep your head down on the lower part of their spine. And also remember to keep your hips away. You will not hold this position for more than 3 seconds. After 3 seconds are up, you must execute the Rear Take Down.

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