Mind. Body. Spirit.

One of the most common questions in the world of martial arts:

What is the best style?

Kind of vague. Best at what? Street fighting? Sport fighting? Grappling? Striking? Fitness? Show business? 
And for whom? For kids? For teenagers? For middle aged adults? For athletic college students? For senior citizens? For Men? For Women? 

The bottom line in martial arts, is to build a better sense of self, no matter who you are or why you are doing it. 

When you put your mind, body, and spirit together in the training process, you are able to reach all of your goals. 

In Kung-Fu, one of the ways we synthesize mind, body, and spirit, is through the practice and performance of forms. Sure, there are martial applications in the moves, and sure, it builds some basic attributes of strength and coordination in a progressive way. Those are all wonderful things.

What we love best about them with children is that it is them tapping into their heart and soul, and finding their expression. It can reveal what they feel about themselves. It gives us an opportunity to coach them to dig in deep, and find that warrior spirit. We coach them on using their voice, in conjunction with their movements. There is a cathartic and uplifting quality to it all. This is how we help children build their esteem and self concept. 

Sure, eventually, we'll have them square off with an opponent, and help the develop the mindset of surviving under duress. But, we strongly believe in building them up through their own accomplishments having nothing to do with another person, and really focus on themselves, first. 

Our philosophy operates under the belief that martial arts is very much a self-reflective practice, not unlike a meditation. Watch the above video again, and think about the mindset the children are developing to perform what they did. If you would like your child to develop that, contact us, to have them try a class for free!

Let Us Be Your Coaches

We all do better when we are pushed by someone else. This is a very natural, human phenomenon. 

Kung-Fu is a traditionally very complicated art. We, as dedicated practitioners see the deep value of it, and felt that if people could have a fraction of what we have, it would serve them so well, in so many ways.

What ends up happening, though, as a business, we tend to dilute the curriculum, lower our grading standards, and make things "easier", so people won't get too demoralized and quit right away. 

But we started realizing that the real value of martial arts training is to push past your perceived limitations. 

The "old school" way of martial arts training was to push people past their limitations in an aggressive, sometimes negative way. 

After the Karate Kid (Original film) came out, people saw the value of a nurturing martial arts teacher, and it opened the floodgates of kids taking martial arts. And the demand was met, by martial arts teachers revamping their kids' programs to be easier, and more accessible.

Nothing inherently wrong with that. However, there was a noticeable reduction of not just skill, but resiliency, mental toughness, and perseverance that was being lost in the process. The "heart" of a martial artist starting disappearing. 

This happened in adults martial arts programs, where it became more of an exoticized fitness program than developing the true gift that martial arts training provides - which is developing mental toughness, resiliency, and perseverance IN ADDITION TO the awesome self defense and nurturing health techniques.

We have found that getting everybody more accustomed to our paddle drills, and doing short segments of forms as a group is a great way for us to coach the students to maximize their performance. As I said, Kung-Fu is complicated, as far as lining up all the details of its coordination. And because of that complexity, it is natural that people are unsure of their movements. When people are unsure of their movements, their bodies reflect that. And, you end up moving with far less of your potential. 

We will be your coaches, in your corner, positively fixing your details, and helping you tap into your mental resources to give a stronger performance than you probably could do on your own.

This is the value of having coaches and a support system in your corner. It all comes down to mindset. You can do it. We know you can do it. If you have even the tiniest inkling of desire and belief that you can do it, we can achieve great things!

Let's get going!

Time to Get Some Gloves!

In the Kung-Fu classes for 7-8 Year Olds, 9-12 Year Olds, and Adults, we will be doing a LOT of paddle hitting drills. It is important that you get some boxing-type gloves. The harder you hit, the more inflamed your hand will get. So protect your hands, please!

You can get gloves at Academy, the sports store. This is the store closest to our studio:

You can also get them from Amazon:

The only issue with Amazon is that you aren't seeing what the size is and comparing it to your or your child's hands. 

These gloves will protect your hands, so there's no sting, and therefore, with each strike you will deliver your most powerful blow! When your hand starts stinging (without gloves), you tend to get a little "gun-shy", meaning, you don't put everything into your strike to make it the most powerful, because you remember the pain it caused your hand. So.... GET THOSE GLOVES!! :)


Headlock Escape 2 - Super Base!

They got you in a headlock on the ground, and they are smashing down with their body weight and head, with their leg sticking OUT! So not only are you not able to get the frame in, when you go for the leg hook to climb over and roll them, their leg sticking out is preventing that roll!
So, fear not, we readjust ourselves. We go for the leg hook, and when we hit that stop, we get on our knee and elbow, and put the hooking foot down on the ground, literally get on our head and make a tripod!
From there, we take the weight off of our head and drive our shoulder into their back (scapula area, but doesn't have to be too precise), and that shoulder drive will be so uncomfortable, that they'll have no choice but to let go. And once they do, simply readjust into a modified mount position.


AKFA SDTV 68.png

Headlock Escape 1 - Scissor Failure!

They headlocked you on the ground. You were able to make a frame to keep them from smashing down their full weight onto you. You shrimp out and go for the standard scissor choke. Problem is, they turned their head, and you no longer have the choke. 

So, now you just have to reposition yourself. Hug their abdomen, take your bottom leg out, and then the top leg, and then have your right hand under their arm, and left under their neck, clamping your hands together to be in a solid Side Mount position.

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AKFA SDTV 67.png

Armbar (from the Guard) to Triangle Choke Transition

You have them in your Guard. They foolishly try to choke you, and when they do, you spin and catch their arm to do an armbar. But, they pulled their arm out just as you attempt the submission. When they do, you pull down on their arm or shoulder to keep them in close for a moment, and get your leg that was around their neck, to then go over their shoulder - and you lock your ankles together. This is the Triangle Setup position. And from here, it is all the same steps that we covered in the Triangle Choke.

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AKFA SDTV 66.png

Double Underhook Guard Pass

In a street fight, it's probably not very likely that they will put you in their Guard. However, because of the popularity of the UFC and MMA, people are seeing that position. Thus, it is a possibility that should you put them on their back, that they might wrap their legs around you, and put you in their guard, just to try to control you, and possibly hit you from there.
If this is the case, it is likely that they do not know how to use all the technical controls, submissions, and sweeps from the Guard. The reason for this is that it takes quite a bit of dedicated training, patience, practice, and discipline to learn these maneuvers and tactics.
So, if they have us in their Guard, the first thing we have to do is control their arms and keep our head low. This is to stay safe from punches. Then we push on their abdomen, and "walk our hands" backwards, and sit upright. If they try to get up, we can push on their abdomen and keep them down. After they've calmed down, we strike with our fist or elbow to their face, with lots of power. This will open up their legs. From there, we pull both of our arms in, and wrap their legs. We then hike their right leg on our left shoulder, while holding onto their left leg with our right hand. We then lean towards them and reach for their left shoulder - this is called "stacking". We then hop around to their right side, and melt our body weight down, lifting our head so we go past their legs. We end up in a Modified Side Mount, where we have our left elbow by their head, our left leg extended back, our right arm by their hip, and our right knee by their hip. 

In the Modified Side Mount, we can follow them while maintaining control of them in any direction. Eventually from the Modified Side Mount, you can transition into the Full Side Mount. 

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Elevator Sweep - Headlock Variation

If they are inside our Guard, and has us in a Headlock, and posts their foot to drive more weight on you, well, then it's time to Elevator Sweep them!

Grab their headlocking arm and pull down while you stick your head to the ground to trap that arm. Push off of their legs to swivel your hips to the side, and bring your leg around to hook under the back of the knee of their posted leg. Drop your other leg by their other leg. If there's space, swim the other arm underneath their other arm.

Once you have all that positioning established, lift with your right leg and arm, chop across with your left leg, and raise your elbow of your arm that's holding down their headlocking arm. Do all of this while turning over.

As you turn them over, you wind up on top of them, in the Mount position!

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AKFA SDTV 64.png

Take the Back From the Guard

If you have your opponent in your Guard, and they decide to press their forearm on your throat and pop up on their feet to put more weight down on it, you'll be given an opportunity to take their back. 

Squeeze your legs together and pull them back as you shove their arm that's on your throat to the side. Clasp your hands behind their neck to hold them down and keep your head in close to theirs, so they can't pull their arm out and start punching you. 

Then uncross your legs, and shrimp off of your left foot to achieve an angle - basically you'll be sideways on them. Your arms shift slightly downward, without losing grip. 

Then, stretch them out, upwards by the neck, and chop their legs downwards with your leg that's on the inside. This will flatten them. 

Now we wait. When they come up to their knees, that's when you grab around their ribs with your left hand, tuck in your right elbow, and push off of your right foot to do a shoulder get-up to get on their back, and establish the over-under clinch. 

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AKFA SDTV 63.png

Kimura - Forced

So if you find your attacker in your Guard, Stage 1 Head and Arm Control, and they are just not doing anything, but they're not trying to attack you or even get away - they are literally doing nothing, then we have to create some movement.

Simply pull them back with your Guard, by squeezing your legs together and pull them back. While you do this, pass their head with your left hand, and bring your other arm's tricep heavy on the back of their neck, driving their face to the ground. 

Once you do that, it will only be a matter of time before they start to pop up, because they don't like you smashing their face to the ground. When they start popping up, they will invariably put their hands on the ground and try to lift their head. At that moment, you ride up with them for a moment, and do the Rider Variation of the Kimura. 

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AKFA SDTV 62.png

Twisting Arm Control - Armbar Finish

If they punch at you from the bottom of the Mount, as we mentioned in the previous episode, you can do the Twisting Arm Control. However, in this variation, we will do the Armbar, instead.

After you have established the Twisting Arm Control, you push their arm a little more forward to make space for your other hand to sneak in and grab your own wrist. Once you have that, loop your arm around to the outside of their head. Put your weight down on your hands, walk your foot up under their arm, swing your back leg around, have a seat and lay back, and execute the Armbar. Remember, hold by the wrist, keep their thumb side up, and bring their arm towards your lower shoulder. Bridge those hips as you pull their arm down!

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AKFA SDTV 61.png

Twisting Arm Control - Back Mount with Rear Naked Choke Finish

We have to remember that in a street fight, chances are good that the attacker is bigger, stronger, heavier, more athletic, and more aggressive than we are. Given that, it is entirely possible that, even after Mounting them, they might try to punch at us from the bottom.

This is a great opportunity to do the Twisting Arm Control. We deflect their right punching arm, and grab the wrist with our right hand, Then we put our chest on their elbow to pin it momentarily. Then we bring our left hand under their neck, and pass their wrist to our left hand.  Then we place our right hand on the ground, and go into a modified Mount. We then place our right hand on the back of their elbow/tricep. From there we do four things at one time:
-We pull their wrist with our left hand
-We push their elbow/tricep with our right hand
-We posture upward
-We swivel our left leg out like a kickstand on a bicycle

BONUS - We drive our hip into their back!

From there, we punch them in the face to get them to give their back. They turn around and get on their knees, and we take their back, and then end up on the ground, where we end with a Strong Side Rear Naked Choke.

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AKFA SDTV 60.png

Elbow Escape - Hook Removal

In a situation where you are not only Mounted, but also, your legs are grapevined, and you try to Trap and Roll them, but their arm is too stiff, you can do an Elbow Escape, and put them into your Guard.

But first! You must remove their grapevined hooks around your legs. To get rid of the first one, simply lift your leg up and to the outward angle. Then take that freed leg, with the foot, push the foot of your attacker's other leg downward to the ground to free your other leg.

From there, you do the standard Elbow Escape.

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AKFA SDTV 59.png

Trap & Roll - Headlock With Hook Removal

Well, through some bad luck, you got Mounted. This time, they have you in a Headlock, with their legs grapevined into yours! 

So, we will use the Trap & Roll technique to get out of this bottom position, however, we'll have to do a few key things:

1. We have to get rid of one of the grapevines. We do that by extending our leg to the outside angle. The leg to untangle is the one opposite to their headlock.
2. To their headlocking arm, we have to put our head firmly on the ground, and with our arm, pull down on their bicep, making sure they can't take their arm out. 
3. We also have to make sure we are hugging their back with our other arm, to maintain closeness (staying safe from punches).

From here, we shoot our hugging arm upwards, push off of the freed foot, and bridge up ward and roll towards the headlocked side, and get them over us!

When we finish, we hug their hips with our elbows, and put our head down sideways on their abdomen (stay safe from punches).

What is interesting is that you only need to undo one grapevine, because their other grapevine is actually trapping THEIR OWN LEG!! 

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AKFA SDTV 58.png

Double Leg Take Down on Conservative Opponent

The fight is on. Of course, you DID NOT start it! They are advancing towards you, but not committing to any type of attack. We decide to get this over with, so on their 3rd advance towards you, you punch high, and then right away, change levels, and take their legs, just like you did in the Double Leg Take Down against an Aggressive Opponent.

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AKFA SDTV 57.png

Clinch on Conservative Opponent

If in a street fight situation, your opponent is moving towards you, but never commits to an attack, and the altercation is indeed on, then it's time to do the Conservative Clinch.

After 2 steps towards you, on the third one, you shoot in with your arms covering your face (with a  little hole to see) in case a strike might come, bash into their chest, then clinch them. Right Arm around their back, left hand grabbing the right wrist to secure it. Be sure to keep your head against their chest, and your hips in close. Keep your legs apart and knees slightly bent, maintaining a stable base that allows for movement. Do not cross your feet. 

After you establish a solid clinch, you wait for one of the indicators on how you will take them to the ground.

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AKFA SDTV 56.png

Standing Armbar

If someone extends their arm violently towards you, as in a push or a choke, you can lock their elbow in a Standing Armbar.

As they extend their arm to you, grab it with both hands, pull it, step back with one foot, and then the other. While you are taking that second step, turn their arm over (elbow side up), and wrap it under your arm. They should end up with their elbow under your armpit.

Once you have that position, pull their arm up, as you drive your ribs into their elbow, almost creating a c-shape with your side. 

When you are the partner, please make sure to tap.

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AKFA SDTV 55.png

Side Mount Elbow Escape - Knee Drive Variation

If they managed to Side Mount you, they will most likely want to get on top of you in the Mounted position. One way they do that is by staying low to hold you down, and slide their shin/knee across your abdomen, and then plant their knee down.

In that moment that their knee touches the ground, that's when you take your elbow and push their other leg up and slide your leg out to wrap over theirs. From there, it all the steps for the Elbow Escape.

It is that moment when their knee touches the ground that their other leg for a split second becomes light. When it is light, that's when you push it down and slide your leg out. If you wait too long, you missed the opportunity. 

So timing is the important piece, here. 

Side note - so let's say you missed the timing, and they have Mounted on you. Do you remember what to do? Try to Trap & Roll, and if that doesn't work, use one of the Elbow Escape techniques from the Mount. So, there's always something you can do. 

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AKFA SDTV 54.png