Heel Drag Elbow Escape

They got the Mount on us, unfortunately. So, we try to Trap and Roll, doesn't work, we can't wrap their arm. We try to Elbow Escape, it doesn't work either, because they stiffened their leg. We try to do the Fish Hook Elbow Escape, but that doesn't work either, because they kept their knee on the ground and lifted their shin!

So this is when we need the Heel Drag version of the Elbow Escape. What we do is we take the leg that just attempted the Fish Hook and lasso that around their shin, and pull their leg with our leg. Simultaneously, we push down on that leg with our left hand. 

This creates the space we need to bring our left leg through and do the standard Elbow Escape. If you need a breakdown on the steps for an Elbow Escape, please go back to that video, and check out the description.

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maxresdefault (5).jpg

Rear Clinch From A Guillotine Attempt!

They punched at us, we clinched them. They're flailing around desperately trying to get out. At this point, we know if:

-they stop moving, we do the Leg Hook Take Down.
-they try to push off of us and break our grip by scooting back, we Pull Guard.
-they try to punch us, we do the Body Fold Take Down.

In this case, they desperately try to wrap our neck with some sort of Guillotine attempt. Or just even to get their arm up and around our head. 


We just pop our heads up against their arm, turn the corner, and get tot their back for a Rear Clinch!

The key thing is to bring your head up, like a turtle popping its head out of its shell, and keep your head close, as you turn the corner for the Rear Clinch. 

Remember, in the Rear Clinch, we hold the S-Grip. Also remember to keep your head down on the lower part of their spine. And also remember to keep your hips away. You will not hold this position for more than 3 seconds. After 3 seconds are up, you must execute the Rear Take Down.

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AKFA SDTV 42.png

Double Leg Take Down - Aggressive Opponent

Another option for you, if the attacker is aggressively coming at you with strikes is to change levels and tackle them!

This is called the Double Leg Take Down. 
As they step towards you, you incrementally back up, and then when the actual strike comes, you change levels (by bending your legs and going a little lower), and shoot towards their legs.

Get your lead leg in between theirs, grab the backs of their knees, bring your head opposite to the opposite side of your forward leg, then drive off of your back leg, going downwards.

As you go downwards, the side your head is on, that same side's arm/hand needs to hold onto their leg. You use your other hand to break the fall.

After you go down, take the hand that held onto their leg to push that leg down and bring your leg that was in between theirs over their leg and stay low as you transition into Side Mount.

It's a great take down move, and a good follow up, to avoid either their legs wrapping around you, or just any funny business with their legs in general - so you go to the side. From there, we know how to transition to the Mount.

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AKFA SDTV 41.png

Rear Take Down -- TIMBER!!!

You got the Rear Clinch on them. Now, it's time to take them down!

You step up with your left leg, then shoot the bottom of your foot to the back of their heel, straightening out your leg. 

Sit down on your right leg, as you pull them over your left foot. Note: KEEP YOUR LEFT LEG STRAIGHT!!!

As you pull them down to the side, right before you hit the ground, undo the S-Grip lock that you had from the Rear Clinch, and tuck your elbows in. 

Bring your right leg over them. After that, a little shoulder get up and adjustment, spread your hands, and secure the Modified Mount position. 

Really break down these steps, and although momentum is involved, really try going slow, so you can be very aware of where everything is. 

Ultimately, this technique happens very quickly. But it is important to go slowly to understand the nuanced placement of everything, and for safety for you and your partner.

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Haymaker Punch Defense - Rear Clinch!

The Haymaker punch or overhand punch is a huge swinging technique with full body weight behind it, with the intent of knocking you out. 

So the Haymaker Defense - Rear Clinch strategy is an effective one. The Haymaker punch, while very powerful, leaves a very big gap when generating the power. And in that gap is when we shield, move forward in a slight angle while wrapping the body with the other arm. Then we link our hands with an S-grip, turn the corner, and get behind them, with our head on the lower part of their back. In this particular clinch, our hips are AWAY from the attackers body.

We are only going to hold this position for a few seconds, so don't wait too long. In our next video, we'll discuss the Rear Take Down, which is what follows.

For now, get comfortable shielding up, slip through the punch while wrapping their body, close the hands with the S-Grip, turn the corner, keep your head on their lower back, keep your hips away, and hold for no more than 2-3 seconds. 

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Body Fold Take Down - Down They Go!

Important stuff! Let's look at this:
So they try to punch you, you close in on the distance and clinch them. The thing is, even though you are in tight, they feel they can still clean your clock with a good, hard punch! The thing is, in order to get any kind of leverage behind that punch, they have to arc back a bit. When you feel that arc back, that is when you do the Body Fold Take Down.

Lower your center of gravity by bending your legs.
Lower your arm grip, down to the lower part of their spine.
Pull their hips in with your arms.
Push their chest with your head and shoulder.
Straighten up as you do the last 2. 
As you are both going down, step out/forward with a leg, to slow the fall down. 
Right before you hit the ground, separate your hands, and get into the Mount position. 

As the attacker, make sure to lean back to give a committed punch, and then, as they take you down, either break the fall by slapping the ground, or simply, hold onto them as you go down for a gentle landing. 

This is a classic leverage-based way to get someone who is trying to hit you hard, down to the ground. 

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AKFA SDTV 38.png

Guard Prevention, BUT, We Call it the "Flip Prevention"!

Technically, this is called Guard Prevention, however, I like to call it "Flip Prevention". 

So the idea is this: 
You've Side Mounted on someone. They might bring their elbow/forearm down by your hip. In a super technical scenario, they bring their arm/elbow down on your hip to push and create a little space so they can shrimp and shoot, and put you into their guard. Chances are slim to NONE that this will happen in an actual street fight. It is a highly specialized and technical move, that is not at all very intuitive to an aggressive attacker on the street. 

What is more likely is that after they try rolling you off, and they find that they can't, they might sneak their arm/elbow down there, and try to flip you off. It's very effective, because they have controlled your hip!
Have your partner do it to you, so you can feel that that flipping you over move is a very legitimate threat to your position. 

Once you've done that, now let's do the technique. From your arm that is under their arm (underhook) and from your posted foot, use that as your base to push upward from. That will give you just enough lift to slide your back leg through, going ahead of your posted left leg. Keep your torso and head low.

That motion gets your hips out of the question, and neutralizes that flip completely. Once you have done that, and they've calmed down a little, bring that leg that your brought forward back, but on the knee by their hip. At the same time, bring your other knee under their armpit. From here, you are about to do the Mount Transition.

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Headlock Escape 2: Leg Hook Escape

You got headlocked on the ground. You try to put in the frame, and do the Frame Escape, the Headlock Escape 1 technique. The problem is, you were too late! You didn't put the frame in time, and they got their head down, right on yours, bearing their weight down. 

So in this case, we use Headlock Escape 2 - Leg Hook Escape. Tuck your inner arm's elbow in, with the outer arm, hug around their shoulder. Then take your top leg, and hook it around their posted leg. You are going to push up and around off of your BOTTOM leg's foot! That is the key. As you climb over and around, they will still be committed to the headlock, and because of that, they will be rolling over as you make your way over and around. You end up in a modified mount, with a headlock. 

The fact that they still have a headlock on you is NOT A PROBLEM! You are on top, that's the most important thing. We have  several episodes devoted to the Headlock Counter. That's what applies here, so we are not worried about the fact that they still have a headlock on us. What we are changing is our position, from being on the bottom, to being on top. 

The elbow tuck, the hug, and the leg hook are all positions we put into place. The main action comes from the bottom leg/foot pushing you up and over them.

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AKFA SDTV 36.png

Headlock Escape 1: Frame Escape

If your on the ground, on the bottom, and someone headlocks you, it can be very demoralizing, and potentially dangerous, as they could start throwing punches.

So to get out of this situation, we first create the frame with our forearm, supported by our other hand. This prevents them from bringing their head in and bearing more weight down on you. We then shrimp away a few times. Then we push up on our frame, and capture their neck/head with our legs (by lifting them and clamping them down. Make sure to position your top leg over their throat. You may need to get on your elbow and post your body upwards a little. From there, straighten out your legs, squeezing their neck like scissors. 

Partners should tap. This is a tracheal choke, not a blood choke, so it is more of a pain compliance move, rather than something that will put them to sleep (like a Rear Naked Choke or a Triangle Choke).

The usage of the frame and the scissoring of the legs are fundamental self defense ground fighting concepts.

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maxresdefault (2).jpg

Shrimp Escape: Shrimp & Shoot. Anyone hungry for a Po Boy??

How did we even get here?? Ok, so let's set this up:
They punched at you, you clinched them. They try to push on you and scoot their hips back, you pull Guard. They try to stand up, you put them into Stage 4. They disconnect from your feet, and now we're in Stage 5. They dive in from the side, and you made a mistake, and missed the Block & Shoot Shrimp Escape, and now they have their chest on you.

But, they don't know the technical side mount, they think (commonly) that bearing their weight down with the chest is all they need to control and demoralize you. What they don't realize is that they've left a gap in doing that, where their lower abdomen/hips are.

And that's where we use the Shrimp & Shoot variation of the Shrimp Escape. If they came in from your right, post your LEFT foot on the ground, scoot your hips back just a little, and from that post, shoot your right knee across their midsection, and left leg on their back. 

From there, it is standard shrimp escape procedure:
-position your hands for awareness of head and arm activity
-with your right leg inside, drop it by their legs, push off of them, and straighten up
-post your right foot on the ground, and then shrimp towards the right, free that foot/leg, and wrap them into Guard Stage 1.

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AKFA SDTV 34.png

Hook Sweep - Step Up, Get Knocked Down!

The Set Up:
They punched at you-- You clinched.
They tried to break out of your clinch-- You pulled Guard.
They are in your Guard & then stand up to punch-- You do Stage 4.
They decide to take a step forward to try to get closer to punch you--- and this is when we do the Hook Sweep.

The key thing behind this technique is to use a pushing and pulling mechanism simultaneously to knock them down. Here's how we position ourselves to make that happen...let's say they stepped forward with their LEFT foot:
-we  side crunch towards that left foot and grab it with our right hand (thumbless grip).
-we insert our left foot to the back of their right knee.
-we keep our right foot on their hip (from Stage 4).

All that happens at once!

And then:
-Our right hand pulls back on their ankle.
-Our left foot pulls back on the back of their knee.
-Our right foot pushes forward on their hip.

All of that happens at once! And down they go! 
Sidenote - our left foot, as it pulls back, can point the toes forward towards the end of the pull to avoid potentially getting our foot trapped in between their calf and hamstrings. 

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AKFA SDTV 33.png

About Learning the Basics of Self Defense...

Bear in mind, there are a ba-jillion and a half what-if scenarios. However, we can't solve the world's problems without a basic alphabet for communication. And that is what I'm trying to give everyone, is a basic alphabet to work from. So, we have to learn to write these letters really well, before we begin writing words and sentences. 

Here's a good analogy:

OK kids, today we're going to learn how to write the letter G. It makes a "gun" sound, and guess what? Sometimes it makes a "juh" sound, too! So let's practice writing the letter G.

Then someone asks, "Well what about words like light and tough?"

Teacher says, "Yes, well, the letter G can take on different sounds when combined with other letters, and we'll totally talk about that in another class."

Another student says, "OK, cool. What about words like gnome and gigantic??"

Teacher, "Yes, those are all different applications that we'll cover on a different day. Let's get to practicing the letter G..."

Another student says, "In Spanish, for Guadalupe, we say, 'wadalupe".

Teacher: Very interesting, but that's another language altogether. We're running out of time, let's start working on writing the letter G.

Another student: How do we know when it has to have the "guh" sound and when to have the "juh" sound?

Teacher: Wonderful questions, but let's please try to focus on writing the letter G. I promise, all your questions will be answered the more time you spend with it.

I'm not saying to not ask questions, but when you're trying to acquire a foundation, it is best to paint by the numbers a bit first. Then once that foundation has developed, by all means, create the most bizarre and insane scenarios you want! How about this one:
What if someone sneaks up behind you, and wraps a wet carpet around you, and rolls you into their van? 

Double Ankle Sweep Knee Thrust - If They Go Low, You Go Lower!

You have 'em in Stage 1 of the Guard, right? Ok, so check it out - if they're bringing their feet up, but their hips are still closer to the ground, you can't just put your feet on their hip flexors and knock 'em down like you do in the Kick Variation of the Double Ankle Sweep.

No problem. So now you do the Knee Thrust variation of the Double Ankle Sweep. All you gotta do is when you feel their feet come up, grab up the top of their head, and make sure they can't get any higher. In fact, that might cause them to resist your head pull, which will help us knock them down, LOL!

So once you do that, their arms will come on the inside to choke you (or push down or whatever), at which point, you uncross your legs from the Guard Stage 1, and invert your knees and grab their ankles with thumbless grips, all at once!

So from there, you will pull on their ankles and push with your shins/knees (hence the name, "Knee Thrust", got it?). And a little bonus detail, bump your hips upward as you do the pull with hands and push with the shins/knees. 

After you knock 'em down, it's not over. They will not just stay down, they will try to get up. And you are in a mangled position, so here's the follow up of what you do:
Sit up, post off of your right elbow. Drive your right knee over their leg, and let it touch the ground. You're going to then want to pivot from your right knee, to swivel the foot counterclockwise toward the back. As you do that, reach for their neck with your left hand. From there, settle into the Full Mount Position, and go ahead and throw in the hooks and hand!

When you do the attacker/training partner role, just make sure to step up, and stay low. Be sure to break fall with both palms slapping the ground, keeping your head off the ground. Then, start sitting up, and your partner will eventually wrap around the back of your neck. 

Lots of stuff! Make sure you really understand the Kick variation of the Double Ankle Sweep first. 

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AKFA SDTV 32.png

Armbar From The Guard, Low Variation - Create Just Enough Space!

Ok, let's just back up a second, to get some perspective. They punched at your face - you clinched them. They try to break out of your clinch by scooting their hips back - you pull Guard. You have them in Stage 1 of the Guard - great!

Now that you're there, there are a lot of things that can happen. One is that they bring their arms on the inside to choke you! They are doing this while you have them in Stage 1, where their head and body are low. 
So this is where we do the Low Variation of the Armbar from the Guard. 
Bring your left arm (the one that had the arm wrap from Stage 1) around the back of their neck. Swim the right arm (the one that had the head control from Stage 1) down to hook onto their leg. Rotate your body about 90 degrees to the right, like a turtle spinning on its shell. Get your right leg up underneath their arm. TAKE YOUR LEFT HAND AND GRAB ONTO THEIR RIGHT SHOULDER AND PUSH UPWARD ON THEIR NECK WITH YOUR FOREARM- this will create space to then bring your left leg around and bite down on the back of their neck and at the same time, grab their right wrist with your left hand. 
Pull out your right hand that had hooked onto their leg, and grab their right wrist, so now both your hands should be grabbing their right arm.
And then finally, clamp down with your legs, bridge your hips up, and pull their arm downward all at once, for the break. 

As the partner, make sure you tap when you feel the pressure on your elbow joint!!

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AKFA SDTV 31.png

Triangle Choke 1.5 Set Up - They Punch You, You Choke Them!

From Stage 1 of the Guard, the attacker might throw punches to your ribs. For that, we definitely would want to go into Stage 2. If they are getting a little tired from all of your controls, and they take one more last ditched effort at hitting your ribs, you could do the Triangle Choke 1.5 Set Up.

What we do here is the first half of Stage 2, which is inserting our shin against their bicep, and holding their tricep. That part is the same. What is different is that you have to do a neck control at the same time.
From there, you buck your hips up a little, and slide your 1.5 grip on their arm down to their wrist. Push their arm up a little, creating a little hole, and pull your foot out of that hole, and wrap your ankles around their back for the Triangle Set Up.

From there, it is the standard Triangle Choke steps:
-Stay safe from punches by bucking your hips up, and having your arms up.
-When they tire out, drop your hips, swim your hand under theirs, and bring their arm across their neck, holding it down with a motorcycle grip.
-Then put your right hand on the back of their head.
-Then put your left foot on their hip and walk back on your shoulders as your right leg clamps around their neck.
-Then grab your right ankle with your left hand and pull towards your face.
-Replace your left hand with the left leg for a lock-up.
-Finally, apply the three points of pressure - squeeze the thighs, pull down one the head, bridge your hips.

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AKFA SDTV 30.png

Stage 5 Roll Over Technique - Don't Even Give Them A Chance!

Don't even give them a chance to get in  :) Remember, if you manage the distance, you manage the damage!

When you are in Stage 5 of the Guard, there's a chance that the attacker might try to grab your ankle and move your legs out of the way, so they can come in on an angle to strike you or side mount on you. 

In this situation, we need the the Stage 5 Roll Over Technique, where we use the momentum of their pull to rotate at an angle, be on our side, and plant our other foot on their midsection or hip. From there, we straighten up, and replace that foot with the other one, so that you are back to Stage 4. 

This is a very effective technique! It can literally keep the attacker away, and potentially make them realize that you are not going to be very easy to get to. Although we didn't demonstrate it, you should really practice this one on both sides pretty early on. The reason for that is we have no idea which foot they will decide to pull. If they move to their right, that means your right foot will be up, with a chance of being pulled. If they move to their left, that means your left foot will be up, with a chance of being pulled. So this is one of those times where the attacker decides on the dexterity of the technique.

Make sure to really rotate on your side. Don't just cross your legs, and certainly, don't flip over onto your belly! It might sound silly, but I've seen it happen multiple times, enough to warrant and explanation of caution!

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maxresdefault (3).jpg

Headlock Counter - RNC Finish!

This technique, the Headlock Counter - Rear Naked Choke Finish, is really a consolidation of the following videos:
1. Headlock Counter - Prevent the Get-Up
2. Taking the Back
3. Rear Naked Choke - Strong Side

Let's go through it, shall we?
You have the Mount. They try to headlock you from the bottom to roll you off. You Modify your Mount. You strike their face, and cause them to roll to their knees, and when that happens, you Take The Back. You land on your strong side (i.e. the Overhook side), and you execute the Strong Side variation of the Rear Naked Choke.

That's it! That's the drill! So, don't try to start with this technique. Definitely make sure you have the others that are listed down pretty well. Once you have those, then go ahead and put them together like this.

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AKFA SDTV 28.png

Headlock Counter - Prevent The Get-Up

You got the Mount, you are in the most dominant position in a street fight. It is possible that the attacker might try to headlock you down there, roll to their knees and try to throw you off.

In this case, we use the Headlock Counter - Prevent the Get-Up technique.

When they first wrap their arm around your neck and headlock you and try to pull your head down, modify your Mount, just like you did in the Take the Back lesson. 

Then if they try to get up, by crossing their legs and trying to get up on their knees, that's when you literally scoot your whole body back, pulling your forward foot in, and pushing backwards off of it. This will effective knock down their attempt to get up.

Simple and effective technique. It does require you to feel your partner to get up, and develop the timing right, so take it slowly when you're first practicing and learning this move.

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maxresdefault (1).jpg

Remount Technique - A quick recovery!

Taking the Back is a very dominant position in a street fight. It is also known as the Back Mount. Once you have it, you generally wait for them to calm down, and then apply a Rear Naked Choke. But, if they some how squirm a little loose, and their back starts slipping towards the ground, and they start turning towards you, that's when you use the Remount Technique.

The Remount Technique puts you back into the standard Mount position. 

Let's say you have taken their back, and you have a right overhook and a left underhook, and you land on the right side (this is called the Strong Side). If they start slipping out, your left arm reaches across their shoulders around their neck, and your left leg moves across their abdomen. 

You tuck in your right elbow, drop your right foot to the ground and pull in towards your butt. Push off of your right foot, right elbow, and right shoulder to turn towards them, as your head goes lower. All of this part happens pretty much at once!

We like to call this the "Shoulder Get Up", where we post on our foot and shoulder to rotate our body to a pronate position. 

This one will feel awkward when you first try it. My advice is to do it in the air a few times, and then try it with a person. You'll start getting the hang of it.
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AKFA SDTV 26.png

Low Swim - Don't Let Them Wrap Your Arm!

You have the Mount, which is great! It is the best place to be in a street fight because of how dominant the position is. We've explored some of the possible reactions your attacker might have when you establish the mount, such as pushing you straight up (for which you should use the High Swim technique), turn around and try to get on their back (for which you should use the Take the Back technique), or they might push you side to side (for which you should use the Hooks and Hands technique). 

From the last scenario, where you use the Hooks and Hands as a response to their sideways pushes, they may try to wrap your arm, out of despair, just to have some sort of control on you. And it is in this case that we use the Low Swim technique.

As they try to wrap your posted arm, you stiffen it, and get them to push really hard to try to wrap. Once you feel them exert the energy, you simply spiral-turn your hand inward and back out to the posed position! Your hand literally makes a 360 degree circle, spiraling in toward your body and back out. 

BE CAREFUL! Don't move it too quick when you feel them try to grab your arm! It is one of the most common mistakes, which is to spiral the arm just from their initial contact or reach for your arm. This actually makes you more vulnerable to getting your arm caught! It is critical that you STIFFEN YOUR ARM, and make them PRESS down with some energy before you do this move. 

This move is one of those cases where you have to let them give you some energy before you can make your technique work successfully.

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