Double Leg Take Down - Aggressive Opponent

Another option for you, if the attacker is aggressively coming at you with strikes is to change levels and tackle them!

This is called the Double Leg Take Down. 
As they step towards you, you incrementally back up, and then when the actual strike comes, you change levels (by bending your legs and going a little lower), and shoot towards their legs.

Get your lead leg in between theirs, grab the backs of their knees, bring your head opposite to the opposite side of your forward leg, then drive off of your back leg, going downwards.

As you go downwards, the side your head is on, that same side's arm/hand needs to hold onto their leg. You use your other hand to break the fall.

After you go down, take the hand that held onto their leg to push that leg down and bring your leg that was in between theirs over their leg and stay low as you transition into Side Mount.

It's a great take down move, and a good follow up, to avoid either their legs wrapping around you, or just any funny business with their legs in general - so you go to the side. From there, we know how to transition to the Mount.

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