Heel Drag Elbow Escape

They got the Mount on us, unfortunately. So, we try to Trap and Roll, doesn't work, we can't wrap their arm. We try to Elbow Escape, it doesn't work either, because they stiffened their leg. We try to do the Fish Hook Elbow Escape, but that doesn't work either, because they kept their knee on the ground and lifted their shin!

So this is when we need the Heel Drag version of the Elbow Escape. What we do is we take the leg that just attempted the Fish Hook and lasso that around their shin, and pull their leg with our leg. Simultaneously, we push down on that leg with our left hand. 

This creates the space we need to bring our left leg through and do the standard Elbow Escape. If you need a breakdown on the steps for an Elbow Escape, please go back to that video, and check out the description.

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