Our classes for adults are centered around developing a solid foundation with simplified drills. We help you to develop a very mindful awareness of your execution, and how to regulate your energy. To schedule an orientation, and try some of our techniques out, 
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Mondays at 8pm; Wednesdays at 7pm; Saturdays at 11am.

This class focuses on developing a solid foundation with the style of Kung-Fu called "Choy Lay Fut". Not only do we focus on developing our techniques and reflexes, we also focus on how to give our best performance with forms and weapons. In addition to it being a great source of fitness, you will also discover your personal power. We break everything down into little bits, and give you access to our private video vlog, where we have video references of our entire curriculum. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY.


Self Defense Jiu-Jitsu Basics

Mondays and Thursdays at 7pm.

This class focuses on 36 self defense concepts from Gracie Jiu Jitsu. These are the most important techniques you need when faced with an attacker who is bigger, stronger, heavier, more athletic, and more aggressive than you. Each technique is broken down into small digestible pieces, then put together to see it in the larger context of a self defense situation. This kind of Jiu Jitsu training is always taking into consideration that the attacker is trying to hit you. So our priority is to first neutralize their attacks. We control the position, and wait for the attacker to exhaust their energy. If and when the opportunity presents itself, we end the situation with a submission. The class is a very positive, and cooperative atmosphere, where we focus on developing the perfect mindset, to stay safe in a self defense situation. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY.