Quarter 2 Test, Saturday, June 25. Please be in FULL UNIFORM.
We will be closed on July 4th.

Kids Kung Fu

We have age-specific classes to ensure your child has the best learning experience to develop self-esteem, safety, and awareness in a challenging but nurturing community. We teach leadership skills and responsibility as kids progress through the ranks.

Adult Kung Fu

Our adults kung fu program is a dynamic method of turning your body into a weapon! We train in the art of Choy Lay Fut kung fu, which combines Northern and Southern Chinese martial arts with Buddha Palm techniques.

Tai Chi

Our Tai Chi program is a fantastic way to develop balance, energy control, and holistic health for your body. Focus on developing keen awareness of your body’s energy through specific movement mechanics. Go at a pace that suits you best!


1. Focus

to not get distracted


2. Discipline

to be productive without being told


3. Commitment

to finish what you start with your best effort


4. Self-Control

to stop yourself from negative or unproductive actions and thoughts


5. Resiliency

to get up and try again even if you fail

  • - Wendy Weeks
    Sebastian has earned his black belt and is able to assist Mr Rick in a younger class which has been great for his self esteem. AKFA is a place to grow that I would recommend to all ages.
    - Wendy Weeks
  • - Neal Pollack
    My son entered Austin Kung-Fu Academy as an uncoordinated, unconfident eight-year-old. Two years later, he was a black belt. Santanu and Rick and the AKFA team gave him the confidence he needed to succeed, and taught him a boatload of killer moves. Enrolling him in the AKFA was one of the best decisions we ever made.
    - Neal Pollack
  • - Lucas Brown
    In school there were a lot of people that had trouble with bullying other kids. In Kung-Fu we are always taught to be self defensive and not to attack people and that's all I was, and the bullying stopped after that.
    - Lucas Brown
  • - Claire Mathias
    Everyone at Austin Kung Fu Academy has become an important part of our son's development in the past four years. From when he started as a first-grader at a school-based program to today, as a 5th grader with a black belt, he has developed into a physically fit, disciplined, committed, and engaged boy.
    - Claire Mathias

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