Workshops and Seminars

Corporate Events
We have an exciting program that we do for staff retreats! We incorporate activities such as:
-Empowerment through self-defense exercises.
-Stress Management through our specialized breathing techniques.
-Team Building exercises through working in groups to achieve physical goals.
These Corporate Events are a memorable and enriching experience! Contact us to get more information about how to bring one to your organization!

Women’s Self Defense Workshop
We have a fantastic Women’s Self Defense Workshop that will enable any woman of any size, physical ability, and physical condition to be able to defend herself. The instructor, Nisha Patel, is a certified Pink Belt of the Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy’s Women Empowered Program. The beauty of these techniques is that it is all leverage based. The focus is on escaping a potential threat that is much bigger and stronger than you. Contact us now to learn about our remarkable Women’s Self Defense Program! You will be glad you did!

For information on pricing and availability, Contact Us!