Stage 5 Roll Over Technique - Don't Even Give Them A Chance!

Don't even give them a chance to get in  :) Remember, if you manage the distance, you manage the damage!

When you are in Stage 5 of the Guard, there's a chance that the attacker might try to grab your ankle and move your legs out of the way, so they can come in on an angle to strike you or side mount on you. 

In this situation, we need the the Stage 5 Roll Over Technique, where we use the momentum of their pull to rotate at an angle, be on our side, and plant our other foot on their midsection or hip. From there, we straighten up, and replace that foot with the other one, so that you are back to Stage 4. 

This is a very effective technique! It can literally keep the attacker away, and potentially make them realize that you are not going to be very easy to get to. Although we didn't demonstrate it, you should really practice this one on both sides pretty early on. The reason for that is we have no idea which foot they will decide to pull. If they move to their right, that means your right foot will be up, with a chance of being pulled. If they move to their left, that means your left foot will be up, with a chance of being pulled. So this is one of those times where the attacker decides on the dexterity of the technique.

Make sure to really rotate on your side. Don't just cross your legs, and certainly, don't flip over onto your belly! It might sound silly, but I've seen it happen multiple times, enough to warrant and explanation of caution!

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