Headlock Counter - RNC Finish!

This technique, the Headlock Counter - Rear Naked Choke Finish, is really a consolidation of the following videos:
1. Headlock Counter - Prevent the Get-Up
2. Taking the Back
3. Rear Naked Choke - Strong Side

Let's go through it, shall we?
You have the Mount. They try to headlock you from the bottom to roll you off. You Modify your Mount. You strike their face, and cause them to roll to their knees, and when that happens, you Take The Back. You land on your strong side (i.e. the Overhook side), and you execute the Strong Side variation of the Rear Naked Choke.

That's it! That's the drill! So, don't try to start with this technique. Definitely make sure you have the others that are listed down pretty well. Once you have those, then go ahead and put them together like this.

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