Triangle Choke 1.5 Set Up - They Punch You, You Choke Them!

From Stage 1 of the Guard, the attacker might throw punches to your ribs. For that, we definitely would want to go into Stage 2. If they are getting a little tired from all of your controls, and they take one more last ditched effort at hitting your ribs, you could do the Triangle Choke 1.5 Set Up.

What we do here is the first half of Stage 2, which is inserting our shin against their bicep, and holding their tricep. That part is the same. What is different is that you have to do a neck control at the same time.
From there, you buck your hips up a little, and slide your 1.5 grip on their arm down to their wrist. Push their arm up a little, creating a little hole, and pull your foot out of that hole, and wrap your ankles around their back for the Triangle Set Up.

From there, it is the standard Triangle Choke steps:
-Stay safe from punches by bucking your hips up, and having your arms up.
-When they tire out, drop your hips, swim your hand under theirs, and bring their arm across their neck, holding it down with a motorcycle grip.
-Then put your right hand on the back of their head.
-Then put your left foot on their hip and walk back on your shoulders as your right leg clamps around their neck.
-Then grab your right ankle with your left hand and pull towards your face.
-Replace your left hand with the left leg for a lock-up.
-Finally, apply the three points of pressure - squeeze the thighs, pull down one the head, bridge your hips.

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