Remount Technique - A quick recovery!

Taking the Back is a very dominant position in a street fight. It is also known as the Back Mount. Once you have it, you generally wait for them to calm down, and then apply a Rear Naked Choke. But, if they some how squirm a little loose, and their back starts slipping towards the ground, and they start turning towards you, that's when you use the Remount Technique.

The Remount Technique puts you back into the standard Mount position. 

Let's say you have taken their back, and you have a right overhook and a left underhook, and you land on the right side (this is called the Strong Side). If they start slipping out, your left arm reaches across their shoulders around their neck, and your left leg moves across their abdomen. 

You tuck in your right elbow, drop your right foot to the ground and pull in towards your butt. Push off of your right foot, right elbow, and right shoulder to turn towards them, as your head goes lower. All of this part happens pretty much at once!

We like to call this the "Shoulder Get Up", where we post on our foot and shoulder to rotate our body to a pronate position. 

This one will feel awkward when you first try it. My advice is to do it in the air a few times, and then try it with a person. You'll start getting the hang of it.
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