Low Swim - Don't Let Them Wrap Your Arm!

You have the Mount, which is great! It is the best place to be in a street fight because of how dominant the position is. We've explored some of the possible reactions your attacker might have when you establish the mount, such as pushing you straight up (for which you should use the High Swim technique), turn around and try to get on their back (for which you should use the Take the Back technique), or they might push you side to side (for which you should use the Hooks and Hands technique). 

From the last scenario, where you use the Hooks and Hands as a response to their sideways pushes, they may try to wrap your arm, out of despair, just to have some sort of control on you. And it is in this case that we use the Low Swim technique.

As they try to wrap your posted arm, you stiffen it, and get them to push really hard to try to wrap. Once you feel them exert the energy, you simply spiral-turn your hand inward and back out to the posed position! Your hand literally makes a 360 degree circle, spiraling in toward your body and back out. 

BE CAREFUL! Don't move it too quick when you feel them try to grab your arm! It is one of the most common mistakes, which is to spiral the arm just from their initial contact or reach for your arm. This actually makes you more vulnerable to getting your arm caught! It is critical that you STIFFEN YOUR ARM, and make them PRESS down with some energy before you do this move. 

This move is one of those cases where you have to let them give you some energy before you can make your technique work successfully.

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