Headlock Counter - Prevent The Get-Up

You got the Mount, you are in the most dominant position in a street fight. It is possible that the attacker might try to headlock you down there, roll to their knees and try to throw you off.

In this case, we use the Headlock Counter - Prevent the Get-Up technique.

When they first wrap their arm around your neck and headlock you and try to pull your head down, modify your Mount, just like you did in the Take the Back lesson. 

Then if they try to get up, by crossing their legs and trying to get up on their knees, that's when you literally scoot your whole body back, pulling your forward foot in, and pushing backwards off of it. This will effective knock down their attempt to get up.

Simple and effective technique. It does require you to feel your partner to get up, and develop the timing right, so take it slowly when you're first practicing and learning this move.

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