Elevator Sweep! Sweep the...whole body, Johnny!

You have them in Guard Stage 1, they decide to post on one foot and smash down on you like a wrestler! A very crushing and super uncomfortable place to be.
When they post on their foot, though, the create the opportunity for you to do an Elevator Sweep!
Uncross your legs, push off of their legs with your legs to shrimp outward to the right. You do this so that you can swivel your right leg around and get your foot under the back of their knee. You also drop your left leg by theirs. You also hug their arm of the shoulder that bearing down on you. You also snake your right arm under their left.

Once you have all that set up, lift with your right arm and right leg/foot, and chop inward with your left leg on their leg, and make sure to hold onto that arm that you are hugging. Do all of that at once, as you turn over. 

And now you are on top, in Mount position! 

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