Headlock Escape 1 - Super Lock!

When you are on the bottom, and they've headlocked you, you first go for the standard Frame Escape. Generally, that will break the grip. But sometimes, their grip is so tight, that the Frame Escape just won't break it. In that case, we use the Super Lock Escape!

When you go for the standard Frame Escape, and they keep holding on, you will create movement. They will topple over. All you have to do is go with the momentum of their topple! As they go down, use your hands for base, get your knees behind them. Then, bring your lower hand (in relation to their head) over and block their legs. Then, step over. And then, pull your foot in, and voila! You are in the Headlock Counter position, from which you can punch and take the back, or break the grip and do an armbar. Either way, you have the top position, and are now in control.

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