Side Mount to Mount Transition

You are in the Side Mount (aka Side Control). You have prevented them from rolling you off, and they have calmed down, trying to figure out what to do. This is your moment to get into the Mount position, the most dominant position in a fight.

So the Side Mount to Mount Transition is a critical technique to know, to get into the best position. What you have to do is first bring your knees in. Bring one knee in under their armpit. Bring the other knee by their hip. Keep your hands clamped and head down. 

From there, take your knee by their hip, and slide your shin over their lower abdomen. 

Then take the hand that is under their arm out and post it. Why? So if they buck their hips, you still have control and won't get rolled off. 

From there, touch your knee to the ground on the other side, and voila! You are in the Mount position!

The key thing is to stay close, stay low. If you leave too much space, you might get struck or rolled off. 

Sure, there are submissions from the Side Mount, but a good rule of thumb is position before submission. Don't try to chase submissions when they still have a lot of energy. Get into the best position, and let them exhaust their energy.

True Story:
Ryron Gracie submitted me with his Side Mount! His Side Mount control was so heavy and crushing that I had to tap!

So position is key, and that's why in this stage of our Self Defense Training Vlog, we'd rather focus on how to get into the best position against a street fighting attacker. So, learn the Side Mount to Mount transition really well!

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