Block and Shoot Shrimp Escape - Know This!!

Ok, so let's set this up a little, so we have some context. They punched at you, you clinched them, they tried to push off of your shoulders and scoot their hips back, and then you pulled guard. From the guard you get through to stage 5, where they are standing up, trying to walk around to your side. Your foot is up in the air, following them.

All of a sudden, they grab your ankle and swing your leg out of the way, and try to get on top of you by entering from your side.

This is when you use the Block and Shoot Shrimp Escape! You stop their momentum, do some maneuvering, and put them back in your guard.

So, how do we do this?
As they enter, post one hand on their shoulder and the other on their hip. 
Then, swing your legs into them - one with the shin cutting through on their abdomen, the other on their back. 
From there, get your hands in position for head and arm control to stay safe from punches, or them creating any distance.
Then, push your shin off of their legs to back up a little bit.
After that, post that foot on the ground, so that you can shrimp your hips away and get your foot out to wrap around their back, to put them into stage 1.

This move might seem a little complex, but get this down now, you'll see similar motions when we explore the Elbow Escape.

This Block and Shoot Shrimp Escape is very valuable. When you're on the ground and they're trying to get on top of you, this is the move you need, for sure!

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