Taking the Back

This is one of THE MOST IMPORTANT POSITIONS I can ever show you in self defense!! 

When you have the mount, which is the most dominant position on the ground, if you start raining down strikes to your attacker face, there's a good chance that they will roll over on to their knees and expose their back to you.

Once they have expose their back, then you literally TAKE THE BACK! You insert your legs inside theirs (these are called "leg hooks"), have one arm over their shoulder, and another under their arm, and both your arms are clinched onto them, you have successfully taken their back. Be sure to have your head close in, to one side.

This is a very effective control position, because there is very little damage they can actually do to you. You are also in a very good position to choke them out! 

Get yourself really used to this Taking the Back action. It is sometimes called the "Back Mount". Those leg hooks and the over-under clinch position happen all at once! The moment their back is exposed, go right into it without hesitation!

There's a good chance that the attacker will be flailing around trying to get out. Just hold tight, keep your head in close, and let them go crazy and exhaust their energy. This is purely a control position. 

Sometimes, when you roll to the side, your arms might come loose - don't let it! Keep them in close. If there's looseness in the arms, they could escape, so keep the arm wrap snug and close. 

Don't forget to modify your mount after your ground and pound, by the way. After you start raining down the strikes, it will make them roll to the side, and if you don't modify your mount, there's a chance they could roll you right off! So modify that mount, put the weight on your hands, then take the back!

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