Rear Naked Choke - Strong Side

The Rear Naked Choke is one of the most amazing submissions moves, ever. No one is impervious to it! No matter how big or strong you are, everyone will go to sleep when their carotid arteries are constricted! 

This one is done when after you've taken their back, you are on the "strong side". What this simply means is that when you've taken their back, you've done an "over-under clinch", which means, one of your arms is over their shoulder, and the other is under the other arm. 
So from this position, you are on the "Overhook" side (which is the side that your arm is over their shoulder"). 

So first, just hold onto the clinch, let them settle down. Let them struggle a little. Then slap on the Rear Naked Choke. 

To put on the choke:
-your weak side, meaning the undertook side, grabs their arm and presses it close to their body. This is so that arm doesn't come loose and try to undo anything. 
-at the same time, your overlook side extends and wraps around their neck, grabbing your own bicep area.
-then, free your underhook/grabbing arm by pulling it back quickly
-then with either palm or fist, adjust their chin to line up with your elbow of your choking arm (this way you will be able to put direct pressure on the carotid arteries).
-then take the hand that just adjust the chin and bring it behind their head, palm side facing you when entering in the back.
-and finally, turn that palm forward, and squeeze with your bicep and forearm while simultaneously pushing down from they back of their head.

Count to 10 seconds, they should be getting a little limp, and once you feel that, count 7-10 more seconds to make sure they won't get up right away. That way they will be unconscious for enough time for your to make your escape.

Other stats - holding the choke for upto 30 seconds can cause brain damage, and 60 or more seconds can be fatal. So please exercise caution when training with your partner, make sure to tap, and respect the tap, and release. And in an actually self defense situation, use your judgement on how long you want to hold for. That's a decision you're going to have to think about and make. I'll talk more on this in our next video, which is the RNC from the Weak Side!

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