The Art of Making Mistakes & Escape A Single Handed Shirt Grab Against the Wall!

Self Defense Technique - How To Escape from a Single Hand Choke Against the Wall. Also, Martial Arts Philosophy Topic - The Art of Making Mistakes.

A single handed choke against the wall is definitely an intimidating move. The fact that someone is using only one hand to choke you is signaling a message from them that they only need one hand to cause you harm. So it is best to know how to escape this situation. It's basically 2 steps:
1. Break the grip
2. Escape

Other variations of this technique have you elbowing them after you break the grip. Another variation is if they are really leaning in, you can guillotine choke them after you break their grip. My preference is to try to escape after you've broken the grip. I'd rather not escalate the situation further by trying to land hard strikes or submissions.

Also, I talk about the art of making mistakes. Mistakes are our friend. They are our teachers. However, they can be the thing that prevents us from taking action. How do you deal with mistakes and imperfections?

If you're ever wondering, "Where are some self defense classes near me?" You should definitely check to see what is offered in your community. Our videos serve as a reference and an intro, to hopefully prompt you to seek out face-to-face instruction.
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