What My Goals Are For My Kung-Fu Students

Hey y'all, Santanu Rahman here, writing this post! I just wanted to put my thoughts out there what my goals are for my Kung-Fu students. In particular, the adults, but also, the children as well.

Quite simply, I want to be able to walk through all the forms with all of you as a group. That's it!! Now, there are 22 core forms, and 24 full forms. So....yeah. It's a lot of material. LOL! But I believe we can make this happen!

Here's the deal:
Doing forms together as a group is a very uplifting experience. There is a group energy that gets tapped into, like no other. I really feed off of it. You will feed off of it, too. But I bet you I feed off of it more than you do, LOL! Just kidding, I have no way of knowing that! But, it drives me. The thought of that drives me. I want to teach you all I know so that we can all go to a park, say like Northwest Park, or Bull Creek Park, and do all of the forms in unison. That would just be amazing!

Now, in our classes, we teach you how to hit pads, how to block, offense strategies, and defense strategies. I feel that stuff is very important to help strengthen you, and get a sense of combat.
But for me, the big stuff is the forms. The forms are:

-A creative form of exercise
-A form of exercise that forces you to use your cognitive power
-A connection to the martial spirit
-A connection to Chinese culture
-A connection to the spirit of warriors who fought for the values they believed in.
-A meditation where you tune the outside world out and focus on the present and the self
-A builder of mind-body-spirit strength
-A highly individual practice that requires very little of the outside world

When we do it together as group, there is a connect, an energy flow that we feed off of from each other, that gives greater meaning and significance to the practice. At least, to me it does. It feels we are all united, in the journey towards self improvement.

I do practice the forms on my own, but, the thought of practicing with you, my students, drives me even more! I really love doing forms with you. So, learn as much as you can, and let's do this!!