Leg Hook Takedown

So after you get the attacker in a clinch, they will do a number of predictable behaviors. One of them is to stop, after they are moving around, trying to shake you off. Eventually, they realize that they can't get you off, so they stop squirming for a moment.

That moment where they stop is your opportunity to do a Leg Hook Takedown. It is an incredibly effective move to take someone to the ground, and mount on top of them.

The ground gives you a significant position of leverage. Now, obviously, if there are weapons involved, or there is more than one attacker, you don't do this. 

But in the case of a one on one attack, and the person is much bigger, heavier, stronger, more athletic, and more aggressive than you, this is the best place to take them. From the ground, we can neutralize their aggression, and let them exhaust their energy.

One of the things you want to make sure you do is that set up step in between their feet, forming a triangle between your feet and theirs. That will give you the base and stability to take your other leg, and chop their outside leg back.

It is critical that you step out and forward with that same leg that chopped, to break the fall, and slow down the descent downwards. If you don't do that, the speed of the fall might cause you to get rolled off, ending up on the bottom. So step out and slow that fall down. It is also safer for your partner.

Partners, it is important that you just hold onto their back/shoulders under their arms, and gradually and slowly make your way down. It is a very slow and controlled descent downward - there should be absolutely NO injuries when you do this, because the takedown is so very gentle.

Once your partner is going down, put the weight down on your foot that you stepped out with, and make your way down into the mount position, where you are straddling on top of them. This is the most advantageous position in a fight.

The goal is to stay close. You are safer when you are close. If there's a little bit of space, they can either escape, flip you over, or strike at you.

Learn this one well, it is a classic self defense takedown technique!

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