Kung Fu Konversations Ep. 5 - "Teenage Mutant Kung Fu Students"

This week, we've got 7 people in the studio as we interview 4 of our teenage students about their experiences with the martial arts!  We also ask talk about bullying in school, martial arts movies, tv shows, and much more!    

Check out our cast for the night:

Kung Fu Konversations Ep. 4 - "Bow Down To Master YouTube"

In this week's episode, all 3 staff members get together to discuss the pros and cons of learning martial arts from videos.  Can you become a YouTube master?!    

Enter the Dojo is a hilarious comedy series on YouTube.  Check out their show page https://www.youtube.com/user/EnterTheDojoShow

We (as usual!) mention the Gracie family and Gracie Jiu Jitsu on this week's show.  You can check out Gracie University, their online video instructional site https://www.gracieuniversity.com/default.aspx

Here's a peak at our podcasting setup, for all those curious at home:

Podcast setup

Kung Fu Konversations Ep. 3 - "Emptying Your Cup and Martial Arts Cults"

In this episode of Kung Fu Konversations we talk about teaching and communicating with students who have previous martial arts experience, the dangers of schools built around a cult of personality, and more!

Show Notes: We mention Tom Callos in this episode, a martial arts consultant.  Check out his site http://www.tomcallos.com

Kung Fu Konversations Ep. 2 - "Colored Belts in Martial Arts: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly"

Check out episode 2 of Kung Fu Konversations! This time we're talking about all the pros, cons, and in between of belt ranking systems including what it really means to be a black belt.

Here's the article we were referencing about the history of martial arts belt ranking systems:   http://www.wmacenter.com/index.cfm?page=17

Dog barking sounds in the background provided by http://www.zoomroomonline.com/austin-dog-training.html

Look for an announcement soon about where to find us on iTunes!

Kung Fu Konversations Ep. 1 - "Successful Martial Arts Teaching Methods"

Austin Kung Fu Academy now has an official podcast!  We call it Kung Fu Konversations.  Check out our first episode, titled "Successful Martial Arts Teaching Methods" where we discuss student engagement, important details about teaching martial arts classes, teaching philosophy, and more! 

We'll also be listing the podcast on iTunes soon!