Mental Power Translates Physical Power, which Transfers to Mental Power, which...


Yes, you are!

Well, what I’ve found is that when I see a smaller person who is able to generate a lot of physical power, there is this belief in self that is very clear. That belief in self is EVERYTHING.

What if you don’t have a strong belief in self to begin with? Good news, we’re here to help.
We have the techniques, methodology, equipment, to empower anyone. We assume everyone is extremely uncoordinated, so we literally start from zero. Ha! Not good enough for you? Ok, we start from -100. How’s that? We assume your coordination is at least -100.

We have 100% confidence that our methodology will develop your physical power generation potential.

But here’s the big kicker - our techniques, methodology, and equipment are not the X factor, as you might think it is.

The X factor is YOU.
Do you have enough mental resources to be open minded and try?
And when you try, can you devote all of your attention to it?
And can you be patient in your progress?
Can you build it into your routine, and come on a regular basis?

If you answered YES to those questions, then we are very confident that we can make you physically more powerful with our techniques, methodology, and equipment.

We do a very powerful style of Kung-Fu called Choy Lay Fut. One of its key attributes is that it can make people become very powerful in generally a shorter amount of time than many other traditional systems of martial arts. The training methodology is very direct, the concepts are logical. Once you understand those, you just have to put in the repetitions to get it to coalesce.

The power I’ve seen people achieve with Choy Lay Fut Kung-Fu has been inspiring. When things start to coalesce, you feel it right away, and something happens to your psychology - you start developing confidence. You start believing in your ability to become powerful. That new mindset starts affecting your physical performance, and you put in even more time and effort!

This is where we begin. Contact us. I want to help make you more powerful today.