Kung-Fu in a Chair!

In the spirit of full disclosure, last night I ate some junk food I don’t typically eat…late at night! Why did I do this? I have no idea. The mood hit.

I instantly regretted it. I felt all bloated, unhealthy, and out of shape. I did not like the way it made me feel. I’m not talking about having any kind of stomach pains or anything, I just felt like blah! You know the feeling. The regret.

So I wanted to sweat it out a little before going to bed. But it was late at night, I didn’t want to go anywhere, and I didn’t want to be noisy stomping around the house while everyone is asleep! I was thinking, “What should I do, what should I do? Maybe I should just go to bed, and work out in the morning.”


And suddenly, an image flashed in my mind. It was an image of videos and actual people I knew who trained martial arts in wheelchairs. And they were going all out, full spirit! That reminded me of other imagery I’ve seen of people who are literally missing limbs - arms and/or legs, who are doing martial arts forms all out, with the caption reading something like, “YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE”.


1000%!! This is it! I started doing my forms from a seated position. No footwork, no legs at all, just all hands. And I went all out! I probably went for 45 minutes! I was literally sitting down the whole time doing my moves, absorbing the spirit of those without limbs who practice martial arts. I worked up a good sweat, and, I totally brought back some old hand speed drills and built up my skills!

It taught me a valuable lesson - just because the situation isn’t perfect/ideal, doesn’t mean I can’t train! No matter where you are, what your circumstance is, you can always find a way to train and practice martial arts. Even if at a 10% capacity of what you are actually capable of, it is important to always remember:

The point is to keep doing it. Instead of waiting for the perfect situation to fall into your lap so that you can train, find a creative way to get even a 1% of your capabilities to train. It is literally better than 0.

It all come back to mindset. How you think about it and approach solutions with a mindset of optimism of belief that there is a way, is the big lesson here.

In fact, sitting here at this desk, typing away…as soon as I’m done, I’m going to go through a few forms from my chair and get my heart rate up a little! And then, I’ll go home, and eat something healthy!

I may be the head instructor here, but I tell you, I’m still learning, and still gaining insight. I consider myself a lifelong student. I have much to teach, and, I still have much to develop and learn!