You Need A Coach.

You might know how to do all the techniques I teach.

You might even be able to do them better than me.

But what is highly unlikely is that you are training yourself on a regular basis.

If you are, great, read no further. But if you aren’t, then keep reading.

A coach is someone who can guide you, and keep you on the path. To develop martial arts as a lifestyle, you need someone to be able to give you goals, direct your focus, and someone to provide insights and encouragement.

We tend to see martial arts as more of an “end-result” oriented product through what we are exposed to in the media. But the best part of martial arts is the lifestyle, and the process/journey one takes with it. That part might not be very exciting to watch. But it is the most important part, and can be very fulfilling.

You might already have a strong punch, that you might be able to use in self defense. But, you could be making your punch stronger by punching every day, with each hand. You could also be be building your stamina with throwing 100 full body punches with each hand. You could also be building your timing and reflexes by punching at a moving target. You could also be doing conditioning and specific weight training exercises that build your punching power. You could also work on your diet and sleep schedule, to improve your performance.

These are things that coaches do. If you think about some of the highest performing athletes, they all have coaches to help direct them. The coaches may not be at the same technical level as the athlete, but they understand what it takes to get the athlete to the next level.

So much of it revolves around mindset.

I would like to help you with your mindset, in regards to martial arts training. We’ll use the techniques that I teach, and whether you know them or not is not that important to me. What is important to me is having the right mindset, while training.