Mind. Body. Spirit.

One of the most common questions in the world of martial arts:

What is the best style?

Kind of vague. Best at what? Street fighting? Sport fighting? Grappling? Striking? Fitness? Show business? 
And for whom? For kids? For teenagers? For middle aged adults? For athletic college students? For senior citizens? For Men? For Women? 

The bottom line in martial arts, is to build a better sense of self, no matter who you are or why you are doing it. 

When you put your mind, body, and spirit together in the training process, you are able to reach all of your goals. 

In Kung-Fu, one of the ways we synthesize mind, body, and spirit, is through the practice and performance of forms. Sure, there are martial applications in the moves, and sure, it builds some basic attributes of strength and coordination in a progressive way. Those are all wonderful things.

What we love best about them with children is that it is them tapping into their heart and soul, and finding their expression. It can reveal what they feel about themselves. It gives us an opportunity to coach them to dig in deep, and find that warrior spirit. We coach them on using their voice, in conjunction with their movements. There is a cathartic and uplifting quality to it all. This is how we help children build their esteem and self concept. 

Sure, eventually, we'll have them square off with an opponent, and help the develop the mindset of surviving under duress. But, we strongly believe in building them up through their own accomplishments having nothing to do with another person, and really focus on themselves, first. 

Our philosophy operates under the belief that martial arts is very much a self-reflective practice, not unlike a meditation. Watch the above video again, and think about the mindset the children are developing to perform what they did. If you would like your child to develop that, contact us, to have them try a class for free!