Let Us Be Your Coaches

We all do better when we are pushed by someone else. This is a very natural, human phenomenon. 

Kung-Fu is a traditionally very complicated art. We, as dedicated practitioners see the deep value of it, and felt that if people could have a fraction of what we have, it would serve them so well, in so many ways.

What ends up happening, though, as a business, we tend to dilute the curriculum, lower our grading standards, and make things "easier", so people won't get too demoralized and quit right away. 

But we started realizing that the real value of martial arts training is to push past your perceived limitations. 

The "old school" way of martial arts training was to push people past their limitations in an aggressive, sometimes negative way. 

After the Karate Kid (Original film) came out, people saw the value of a nurturing martial arts teacher, and it opened the floodgates of kids taking martial arts. And the demand was met, by martial arts teachers revamping their kids' programs to be easier, and more accessible.

Nothing inherently wrong with that. However, there was a noticeable reduction of not just skill, but resiliency, mental toughness, and perseverance that was being lost in the process. The "heart" of a martial artist starting disappearing. 

This happened in adults martial arts programs, where it became more of an exoticized fitness program than developing the true gift that martial arts training provides - which is developing mental toughness, resiliency, and perseverance IN ADDITION TO the awesome self defense and nurturing health techniques.

We have found that getting everybody more accustomed to our paddle drills, and doing short segments of forms as a group is a great way for us to coach the students to maximize their performance. As I said, Kung-Fu is complicated, as far as lining up all the details of its coordination. And because of that complexity, it is natural that people are unsure of their movements. When people are unsure of their movements, their bodies reflect that. And, you end up moving with far less of your potential. 

We will be your coaches, in your corner, positively fixing your details, and helping you tap into your mental resources to give a stronger performance than you probably could do on your own.

This is the value of having coaches and a support system in your corner. It all comes down to mindset. You can do it. We know you can do it. If you have even the tiniest inkling of desire and belief that you can do it, we can achieve great things!

Let's get going!