Time to Get Some Gloves!

In the Kung-Fu classes for 7-8 Year Olds, 9-12 Year Olds, and Adults, we will be doing a LOT of paddle hitting drills. It is important that you get some boxing-type gloves. The harder you hit, the more inflamed your hand will get. So protect your hands, please!

You can get gloves at Academy, the sports store. This is the store closest to our studio:

You can also get them from Amazon:

The only issue with Amazon is that you aren't seeing what the size is and comparing it to your or your child's hands. 

These gloves will protect your hands, so there's no sting, and therefore, with each strike you will deliver your most powerful blow! When your hand starts stinging (without gloves), you tend to get a little "gun-shy", meaning, you don't put everything into your strike to make it the most powerful, because you remember the pain it caused your hand. So.... GET THOSE GLOVES!! :)