Headlock Escape 2 - Super Base!

They got you in a headlock on the ground, and they are smashing down with their body weight and head, with their leg sticking OUT! So not only are you not able to get the frame in, when you go for the leg hook to climb over and roll them, their leg sticking out is preventing that roll!
So, fear not, we readjust ourselves. We go for the leg hook, and when we hit that stop, we get on our knee and elbow, and put the hooking foot down on the ground, literally get on our head and make a tripod!
From there, we take the weight off of our head and drive our shoulder into their back (scapula area, but doesn't have to be too precise), and that shoulder drive will be so uncomfortable, that they'll have no choice but to let go. And once they do, simply readjust into a modified mount position.


AKFA SDTV 68.png