Take the Back From the Guard

If you have your opponent in your Guard, and they decide to press their forearm on your throat and pop up on their feet to put more weight down on it, you'll be given an opportunity to take their back. 

Squeeze your legs together and pull them back as you shove their arm that's on your throat to the side. Clasp your hands behind their neck to hold them down and keep your head in close to theirs, so they can't pull their arm out and start punching you. 

Then uncross your legs, and shrimp off of your left foot to achieve an angle - basically you'll be sideways on them. Your arms shift slightly downward, without losing grip. 

Then, stretch them out, upwards by the neck, and chop their legs downwards with your leg that's on the inside. This will flatten them. 

Now we wait. When they come up to their knees, that's when you grab around their ribs with your left hand, tuck in your right elbow, and push off of your right foot to do a shoulder get-up to get on their back, and establish the over-under clinch. 

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