Elevator Sweep - Headlock Variation

If they are inside our Guard, and has us in a Headlock, and posts their foot to drive more weight on you, well, then it's time to Elevator Sweep them!

Grab their headlocking arm and pull down while you stick your head to the ground to trap that arm. Push off of their legs to swivel your hips to the side, and bring your leg around to hook under the back of the knee of their posted leg. Drop your other leg by their other leg. If there's space, swim the other arm underneath their other arm.

Once you have all that positioning established, lift with your right leg and arm, chop across with your left leg, and raise your elbow of your arm that's holding down their headlocking arm. Do all of this while turning over.

As you turn them over, you wind up on top of them, in the Mount position!

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