Kimura - Forced

So if you find your attacker in your Guard, Stage 1 Head and Arm Control, and they are just not doing anything, but they're not trying to attack you or even get away - they are literally doing nothing, then we have to create some movement.

Simply pull them back with your Guard, by squeezing your legs together and pull them back. While you do this, pass their head with your left hand, and bring your other arm's tricep heavy on the back of their neck, driving their face to the ground. 

Once you do that, it will only be a matter of time before they start to pop up, because they don't like you smashing their face to the ground. When they start popping up, they will invariably put their hands on the ground and try to lift their head. At that moment, you ride up with them for a moment, and do the Rider Variation of the Kimura. 

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