Shrimp Escape - Punch-Block Version

In a street fight, if the opponent has you in Side Mount, what they are most likely doing is trying to hold you down to eventually strike at you. 
So when they have you in Side Mount, double down! Hold them in close and tight! They will actually not like that, because now you are controlling them! So, quite naturally, they will want to posture up to punch you. In that moment that they pull their arm back to strike, they create a little space. When that space is created, that is when you do the Shrimp and Shoot Shrimp Escape.

So really, this technique is mostly the Shrimp Escape - Shrimp and Shoot variation. The only difference is that they are in closer, and you are holding them down into you, and waiting for them to make the move to try to hit you. 

You do have to practice patience, and the ability to react at the right time. So definitely learn to recognize when the space is made for you to Shrimp and Shoot. 

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