Twisting Arm Control - Back Mount with Rear Naked Choke Finish

We have to remember that in a street fight, chances are good that the attacker is bigger, stronger, heavier, more athletic, and more aggressive than we are. Given that, it is entirely possible that, even after Mounting them, they might try to punch at us from the bottom.

This is a great opportunity to do the Twisting Arm Control. We deflect their right punching arm, and grab the wrist with our right hand, Then we put our chest on their elbow to pin it momentarily. Then we bring our left hand under their neck, and pass their wrist to our left hand.  Then we place our right hand on the ground, and go into a modified Mount. We then place our right hand on the back of their elbow/tricep. From there we do four things at one time:
-We pull their wrist with our left hand
-We push their elbow/tricep with our right hand
-We posture upward
-We swivel our left leg out like a kickstand on a bicycle

BONUS - We drive our hip into their back!

From there, we punch them in the face to get them to give their back. They turn around and get on their knees, and we take their back, and then end up on the ground, where we end with a Strong Side Rear Naked Choke.

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