Trap & Roll - Headlock With Hook Removal

Well, through some bad luck, you got Mounted. This time, they have you in a Headlock, with their legs grapevined into yours! 

So, we will use the Trap & Roll technique to get out of this bottom position, however, we'll have to do a few key things:

1. We have to get rid of one of the grapevines. We do that by extending our leg to the outside angle. The leg to untangle is the one opposite to their headlock.
2. To their headlocking arm, we have to put our head firmly on the ground, and with our arm, pull down on their bicep, making sure they can't take their arm out. 
3. We also have to make sure we are hugging their back with our other arm, to maintain closeness (staying safe from punches).

From here, we shoot our hugging arm upwards, push off of the freed foot, and bridge up ward and roll towards the headlocked side, and get them over us!

When we finish, we hug their hips with our elbows, and put our head down sideways on their abdomen (stay safe from punches).

What is interesting is that you only need to undo one grapevine, because their other grapevine is actually trapping THEIR OWN LEG!! 

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