Triangle Choke Forced!

After putting them in the Guard Stage 1, there's a chance that they might not do anything at all. But, they won't give up either. So in this case, we make them give up, by forcing them into the Triangle Choke.

The arm we use to wrap their arm now comes on top of their neck for head control. We use the other arm's forearm to insert into their arm. 
We uncross our legs, and the feet momentarily go to the ground. In one motion, we shrimp and push on their arm at the same time. We do this to create space, and insert our knee. Right after we do that, we put the other leg on their back. Now we are officially in the Triangle 1.5 Setup position. from there, the steps are the same as before:
-Extend your shin, while sliding your grip down to their wrist
-Bring that leg over their should and cross your ankles, now you're in Triangle Setup position.
-Stay safe from punches by keeping your hands up and out.
-Bridge your hips, bring their arm across their neck with both your hands.
-Then one hand grabs the top of the head.
-Put your foot on their hip.
-Wiggle back, pushing off of them, as your other leg clamps to the side of their neck.
-Grab your ankle.
-Replace your hand that grabbed your ankle with your other leg
-Both hands go to the top of their head
-Apply 3 points of pressure - squeeze your thighs, bridge your hips, and pull down with your hands.

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