Headlock Escape 1: Frame Escape

If your on the ground, on the bottom, and someone headlocks you, it can be very demoralizing, and potentially dangerous, as they could start throwing punches.

So to get out of this situation, we first create the frame with our forearm, supported by our other hand. This prevents them from bringing their head in and bearing more weight down on you. We then shrimp away a few times. Then we push up on our frame, and capture their neck/head with our legs (by lifting them and clamping them down. Make sure to position your top leg over their throat. You may need to get on your elbow and post your body upwards a little. From there, straighten out your legs, squeezing their neck like scissors. 

Partners should tap. This is a tracheal choke, not a blood choke, so it is more of a pain compliance move, rather than something that will put them to sleep (like a Rear Naked Choke or a Triangle Choke).

The usage of the frame and the scissoring of the legs are fundamental self defense ground fighting concepts.

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