Shrimp Escape: Shrimp & Shoot. Anyone hungry for a Po Boy??

How did we even get here?? Ok, so let's set this up:
They punched at you, you clinched them. They try to push on you and scoot their hips back, you pull Guard. They try to stand up, you put them into Stage 4. They disconnect from your feet, and now we're in Stage 5. They dive in from the side, and you made a mistake, and missed the Block & Shoot Shrimp Escape, and now they have their chest on you.

But, they don't know the technical side mount, they think (commonly) that bearing their weight down with the chest is all they need to control and demoralize you. What they don't realize is that they've left a gap in doing that, where their lower abdomen/hips are.

And that's where we use the Shrimp & Shoot variation of the Shrimp Escape. If they came in from your right, post your LEFT foot on the ground, scoot your hips back just a little, and from that post, shoot your right knee across their midsection, and left leg on their back. 

From there, it is standard shrimp escape procedure:
-position your hands for awareness of head and arm activity
-with your right leg inside, drop it by their legs, push off of them, and straighten up
-post your right foot on the ground, and then shrimp towards the right, free that foot/leg, and wrap them into Guard Stage 1.

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