Armbar From The Mount

In a street fight, if you've Mounted your attacker, there's a good chance that they will try to push you off with a bench-press type of push. When they do, make sure to do the High Swim first.

After they've done a few of those and are getting a little tired, they may have one last go at it. It is at that moment where you could take their arm and do an Armbar.

The key thing is to put your hands together, isolate an arm, and turn your fingers 90 degrees toward the direction you want to go. 
Put your weight down on your hands, on their chest, invert your leg (that is the same direction where your fingers are pointing), keep your hips low, and swing your back leg around.

You land on your bottom, staying in close, and finish with the Armbar. Be sure to grab the wrist, bring their hand thumb side up, towards the south, lift your hips, and pull down on their wrist. Be sure to keep your legs heavy so they can't easily push your legs off.

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