Armbar - Side Variation

You're Mounted on them, and for a moment, nothing is happening. So you decide to create some movement in order to bring this altercation to an end. You strike the face, and they roll to their side, to which you do the Modified Mount, just like in Take the Back.

But unlike Take the Back, instead of them rolling all the way to their knees, they stop on their side. No problem, this is where we can do an Armbar, especially when they're covering your head to protect from your strikes. 

Just hook their top arm with your further-away arm, and pin your hand to your shoulder, to trap their arm. Once you do that, just follow the same steps for the Armbar that you did for the Headlock Counter. And that is to:
-Press down on their head with your other hand
-Walk your front foot up under their bottom armpit
-Swing your back leg around
-Execute the Armbar - pull down on their wrist, push hips up. 
Make sure their arm is south, with the thumb side up.

Partners, again, please make sure to tap, and people doing the technique, go slowly, and respect the tap.

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