Headlock Counter With Armbar Finish

So you have Mounted them. They try to roll you off with a headlock. We know how to keep the position by going into the Modified Mount. 
In an earlier video, we showed how we can Take the Back and end with a Rear Naked Choke. 

However, in this video, we show how to end in an Armbar. First, we have to break their grip. We do that by creating a frame with our forearm, and press it into their neck as we lean forward and pop our head upward. Then, we take the arm that was around our neck, and pin it with our own head, and our far arm. 

From there, we place our other hand on their head, walk up our front foot under their arm pit, open that leg's knee, and swing our back leg around, in front of their neck, as we sit down. We then slide our grip down to their wrist, putting their thumb side up, bringing their arm south (in the direction toward our far shoulder. Keep the legs strong on them, make sure you are in tight, simultaneously raise your hips and pull down on their arm. 

Your training partner needs to tap, as this is an arm breaking technique. As soon as you feel your partner tap, release. Of course, in a street fight, you have to use your judgment on whether or not to break their arm. 

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