Hook Sweep - Step Up, Get Knocked Down!

The Set Up:
They punched at you-- You clinched.
They tried to break out of your clinch-- You pulled Guard.
They are in your Guard & then stand up to punch-- You do Stage 4.
They decide to take a step forward to try to get closer to punch you--- and this is when we do the Hook Sweep.

The key thing behind this technique is to use a pushing and pulling mechanism simultaneously to knock them down. Here's how we position ourselves to make that happen...let's say they stepped forward with their LEFT foot:
-we  side crunch towards that left foot and grab it with our right hand (thumbless grip).
-we insert our left foot to the back of their right knee.
-we keep our right foot on their hip (from Stage 4).

All that happens at once!

And then:
-Our right hand pulls back on their ankle.
-Our left foot pulls back on the back of their knee.
-Our right foot pushes forward on their hip.

All of that happens at once! And down they go! 
Sidenote - our left foot, as it pulls back, can point the toes forward towards the end of the pull to avoid potentially getting our foot trapped in between their calf and hamstrings. 

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