Rear Take Down -- TIMBER!!!

You got the Rear Clinch on them. Now, it's time to take them down!

You step up with your left leg, then shoot the bottom of your foot to the back of their heel, straightening out your leg. 

Sit down on your right leg, as you pull them over your left foot. Note: KEEP YOUR LEFT LEG STRAIGHT!!!

As you pull them down to the side, right before you hit the ground, undo the S-Grip lock that you had from the Rear Clinch, and tuck your elbows in. 

Bring your right leg over them. After that, a little shoulder get up and adjustment, spread your hands, and secure the Modified Mount position. 

Really break down these steps, and although momentum is involved, really try going slow, so you can be very aware of where everything is. 

Ultimately, this technique happens very quickly. But it is important to go slowly to understand the nuanced placement of everything, and for safety for you and your partner.

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