Haymaker Punch Defense - Rear Clinch!

The Haymaker punch or overhand punch is a huge swinging technique with full body weight behind it, with the intent of knocking you out. 

So the Haymaker Defense - Rear Clinch strategy is an effective one. The Haymaker punch, while very powerful, leaves a very big gap when generating the power. And in that gap is when we shield, move forward in a slight angle while wrapping the body with the other arm. Then we link our hands with an S-grip, turn the corner, and get behind them, with our head on the lower part of their back. In this particular clinch, our hips are AWAY from the attackers body.

We are only going to hold this position for a few seconds, so don't wait too long. In our next video, we'll discuss the Rear Take Down, which is what follows.

For now, get comfortable shielding up, slip through the punch while wrapping their body, close the hands with the S-Grip, turn the corner, keep your head on their lower back, keep your hips away, and hold for no more than 2-3 seconds. 

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