Body Fold Take Down - Down They Go!

Important stuff! Let's look at this:
So they try to punch you, you close in on the distance and clinch them. The thing is, even though you are in tight, they feel they can still clean your clock with a good, hard punch! The thing is, in order to get any kind of leverage behind that punch, they have to arc back a bit. When you feel that arc back, that is when you do the Body Fold Take Down.

Lower your center of gravity by bending your legs.
Lower your arm grip, down to the lower part of their spine.
Pull their hips in with your arms.
Push their chest with your head and shoulder.
Straighten up as you do the last 2. 
As you are both going down, step out/forward with a leg, to slow the fall down. 
Right before you hit the ground, separate your hands, and get into the Mount position. 

As the attacker, make sure to lean back to give a committed punch, and then, as they take you down, either break the fall by slapping the ground, or simply, hold onto them as you go down for a gentle landing. 

This is a classic leverage-based way to get someone who is trying to hit you hard, down to the ground. 

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