Trap & Roll From Punches (ie How To Escape the Ground-n-Pound!)

Being mounted by someone in a street fight is the worst place to be. Why? Because when you're on the bottom, if you extend your fist towards them, your range is very limited. When they extend their fist downwards toward your face, not only do they have more range, they also have gravity to their advantage.

When someone punches at you from the top mount position, this is known as the "Ground and Pound". It is critical that you have a plan to get out of there. And let me say this before even going into the technique on how to escape this dangerous situation:

You can know all the steps and details for this escape technique, but if your timing is off, you might not be successful with it. So it's important to immediately recognize the indicator. What is the indicator? The moment they decide to posture up and punch. That posturing moment is when you go after them!

-Shield your face and sit up and hug them tight, wrapping your arms around them and gluing your head to their chest. 
-Push off your feet to bring them down (they will land on their hands, reflexively to avoid their face hitting the ground.
-Then bring your hands on their shoulders and scoot yourself up a little higher. 
-wrap their arm and trap that same side foot.
-you then make your bridge, use your right arm to lift up as you lift your hips and turn over onto your knees.
-stay in close, bring your elbows down and in to suffocate their hips, and keep your head on their abdomen.

The technique works. But the only way to make it work is if you time it right. Let me say it again to emphasize it:
The moment they begin to posture up to throw the punch (ie even before they throw the punch - just sitting up a little bit), that's when you go and hug them!

Practice this one a lot. First just get a feel for the steps and the actual move. Do it slowly. Then, once you are comfortable with the steps, work on the timing of it. 

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