Open Guard Pass

You've rolled them off you successfully. Now, you are in between their legs. This is called the Open Guard.

Chances are, on the street, the attacker does not know the value of the closed guard. So what you will want to do is make your way past the Open Guard and get into the most dominant position, which is the Mount. 

So to begin, it is important that you hug their hips with your elbows. Keep your head completely down on their stomach and turn it to the side. This way you stay safe from punches. Now when they try to get up, push off of your legs and knock them down. Still keep your torso and head low and connected to them, just buck forward pushing off your legs. 

Once they have calmed down and stopped, that's when we do the actual Open Guard Pass. First, push down their right leg with your left hand. Then slide your knee/shin up their inner thigh - it's okay to keep your ankle connected to their inner thigh. Then take your left arm and slide it behind their neck. Then, post out your right hand (like you do for Hooks and Hands). At this point, if they tried pushing you off, you are too heavy and based out, they will most likely not be able to move you much. Then, just slide your right leg over their left, and get into the Mount position. 

It is important to stay low and close to them the whole time. Any time there is space, that's generally an opportunity for them to either strike or throw you off, which means you could lose control, or worse yet, get injured by strikes. So stay in close! 

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