Double Ankle Sweep Knee Thrust - If They Go Low, You Go Lower!

You have 'em in Stage 1 of the Guard, right? Ok, so check it out - if they're bringing their feet up, but their hips are still closer to the ground, you can't just put your feet on their hip flexors and knock 'em down like you do in the Kick Variation of the Double Ankle Sweep.

No problem. So now you do the Knee Thrust variation of the Double Ankle Sweep. All you gotta do is when you feel their feet come up, grab up the top of their head, and make sure they can't get any higher. In fact, that might cause them to resist your head pull, which will help us knock them down, LOL!

So once you do that, their arms will come on the inside to choke you (or push down or whatever), at which point, you uncross your legs from the Guard Stage 1, and invert your knees and grab their ankles with thumbless grips, all at once!

So from there, you will pull on their ankles and push with your shins/knees (hence the name, "Knee Thrust", got it?). And a little bonus detail, bump your hips upward as you do the pull with hands and push with the shins/knees. 

After you knock 'em down, it's not over. They will not just stay down, they will try to get up. And you are in a mangled position, so here's the follow up of what you do:
Sit up, post off of your right elbow. Drive your right knee over their leg, and let it touch the ground. You're going to then want to pivot from your right knee, to swivel the foot counterclockwise toward the back. As you do that, reach for their neck with your left hand. From there, settle into the Full Mount Position, and go ahead and throw in the hooks and hand!

When you do the attacker/training partner role, just make sure to step up, and stay low. Be sure to break fall with both palms slapping the ground, keeping your head off the ground. Then, start sitting up, and your partner will eventually wrap around the back of your neck. 

Lots of stuff! Make sure you really understand the Kick variation of the Double Ankle Sweep first. 

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