About Learning the Basics of Self Defense...

Bear in mind, there are a ba-jillion and a half what-if scenarios. However, we can't solve the world's problems without a basic alphabet for communication. And that is what I'm trying to give everyone, is a basic alphabet to work from. So, we have to learn to write these letters really well, before we begin writing words and sentences. 

Here's a good analogy:

OK kids, today we're going to learn how to write the letter G. It makes a "gun" sound, and guess what? Sometimes it makes a "juh" sound, too! So let's practice writing the letter G.

Then someone asks, "Well what about words like light and tough?"

Teacher says, "Yes, well, the letter G can take on different sounds when combined with other letters, and we'll totally talk about that in another class."

Another student says, "OK, cool. What about words like gnome and gigantic??"

Teacher, "Yes, those are all different applications that we'll cover on a different day. Let's get to practicing the letter G..."

Another student says, "In Spanish, for Guadalupe, we say, 'wadalupe".

Teacher: Very interesting, but that's another language altogether. We're running out of time, let's start working on writing the letter G.

Another student: How do we know when it has to have the "guh" sound and when to have the "juh" sound?

Teacher: Wonderful questions, but let's please try to focus on writing the letter G. I promise, all your questions will be answered the more time you spend with it.

I'm not saying to not ask questions, but when you're trying to acquire a foundation, it is best to paint by the numbers a bit first. Then once that foundation has developed, by all means, create the most bizarre and insane scenarios you want! How about this one:
What if someone sneaks up behind you, and wraps a wet carpet around you, and rolls you into their van?